Meaningful. Connected. Efficient.

Bonfilio’s approach to every project is based on:

  • STRATEGY with a concept or direction that has meaning and is part of an overall plan,

  • CONSISTENCY in the design and use of a visual language that speaks for the brand, and

  • SUSTAINABILITY of the overall concept, the costs involved, and in production – as it relates to both your business and the environment.

As a compassionate and environmentally conscious consultant, we love to work with people and organizations that have a similar ethos. 

In addition to solving communication design problems, Bonfilio provides an advisory service that weaves financial and environmental sustainability into strategy-based marketing solutions

Vegan Trade Council

A PROUD PARTNER OF THE VEGAN TRADE COUNCIL – the trade association providing a central voice and representation in government for the plant based industry. VTC promotes all varieties of products and services in the marketplace, and aims to be an online resource for information of interest to the general public.

A PROUD MEMBER OF DESIGN CAN CHANGE – an initiative aimed at bringing together the design community and making system-wide change to how our work affects the planet.

Making Sense Of It All
A Sustainable Concept
A Sustainable Brand Identity